Mystery Box FOUND! (UNTAMED RAPTORS ESCAPE!) SuperHeroKids with tags escape, box, mystery, irl, in real life, for kids, funny, videos, comedy, comic, comics, skit, skits, family fun, fun, untamed, raptors, superherokids, superhero kids, super hero kids, shk, shk family, zane, hope, noah, hope marie, family, skits for kids, family friendly, sketch, kids toys, sister, brother, sis vs bro, dinosaurs, silly, challenge, superhero, superheroes, funny videos

Are you crazy enough to own one of your own? Visit for more info and thanks to WowWee for sponsoring this video! When Hope, Noah, and Eden discover a mystery box, ferocious raptors escape and Eden disappears! Will Hope and Noah be able to tame the raptors and rescue Eden? Watch this SuperHeroKids funny comic sketch video with raptors in real life to find out!#FerociousFriday Friend or Foe you decide, based on the way you interact with your raptor, youre in control! In UNTAMED mode, theyre wild and unpredictable, reacting to your touch with roars, hisses and growls.In TAMED mode, they play nice- they chirp, coo, and purr when you interact with their many sensors. Their gripping claws are perfect for grabbing onto fingers and other objects. They can also hang upside down.. Careful: at your own risk! Their tails are pose-able, so they can sit up on their own if you dont feel like holding them.