Masha and the Bear DON'T GET SICK! Best cartoon collection


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Masha and The Bear. All episodes playlist: and The Bear. Compilations: - Get well soon! (Episode 16) from Masha's endless games, the Bear pre-tends to be sick so the little girl would leave him alone. But the caring girl sets to cure her friend. After a series of failed attempts, she finally man-ages to cure the Bear.6:18 - Hold your breath! (Episode 22) summer day. Bear, while gathering berries, meets female bear in the forest and arranges a date with her. Returning home, he starts cleaning the house and baking a pie.Once the pie is done, the Bear decorates it with strawberries. Masha eats them before starting to hiccup. The Bear tries all manner of remedies from a medical encyclopedia to stop the hiccups. In the end, hiccups spread to everyone including all other forest inhabitants.12:31 - La Dolce Vita (Episode 33) wants some sweets but first she has to transform the Bear's kitchen into a candy-making factory. As we all know, such sweet life means trouble and soon Masha gets a toothache. There is a lesson for all children who love sweets - take very good care of your teeth!18:46 - Game Over (Episode 59) Bear mixes up in a very nasty gambling story! He is ready to spend all day long playing all kinds of computer games. He quit housekeeping, multiple hobbies and friends. It seems that the game is over, but Masha runs to help her best friend at the very last moment!25:31 - Trading Places Day (Episode 38) Bear recalls his past accomplishments in circus and recreates some of his signature tricks on a unicycle. Unfortunately, he trips and falls on his head. Suddenly everything about him starts to suspiciously resemble Masha and her childish behavior. Enjoy more special collections: FROM ME TO YOU SAFETY FIRST! BACKWARDS DAY! SUMMER IN WINTER THE MARVELOUS INVENTOR TOP-10 Episodes 2019 SAVING CHRISTMAS A WINTER'S TALE LET THERE BE MUSIC! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE DAY ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE MASHA THE WIZARD BACK TO SCHOOL WITH MASHA THE FOREST MENACE Masha on Instagram: more on Netflix.Official website: http://mashabear.comSubscribe! and the Bear are heroes of Russian folklore, known to all Russian children. Just that in the series they are different and live in the modern world, which gave the creators from Animaccord Animation Studio the ability to bring new possibilities to their interactions. Series tell us about a unique relationship between two main characters. Masha is an exceedingly active little girl who can't sit still on one place and has to make everything a business of her own. The Bear is a big and hearty guy who loves comfort and quietness. After their first met the Bear is always in anticipation for another fun and wild adventure that Masha will surely pull him in.Masha and The Bear.Masha and The Bear. All episodes playlist: . : e Orso. Tutti gli Episodi: y el Oso. Todas las series: et Michka. Tous les pisodes: e o Urso. Lista de reproduo: und der Br. Alle Folgen: : . : - : le Koca Ay. Tm blmler: . : . : .Masza i Niedwied. Wszystkie odcinki: : . #cartoonforkids #cartoons