MALICE TURNS GOOD!? Kiddyzuzaa Land: Episode 4 Giant Chocolate Fountain, Magic and Pranks


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Welcome to Kiddyzuzaa Land! Join your favorite Princesses - Olivia, Lilliana, Esme, Isabella and Malice - in a whole new dimension. Something is very wrong in Kiddyzuzaa Land - Malice has turned good!? The Princesses investigate what has happened to her... For more Kiddyzuzaa, click here: sure to SUBSCRIBE to WildBrain today to catch your favourite show uploads EVERY DAY and WELCOME to WildBrain! We bring you the best preschool television shows, to keep little people entertained for hours. Watch clips and full-length episodes of their favourite TV shows, and get exploring new ones! Every day we upload a new episode from shows including; Caillou, Topsy and Tim, Teletubbies, Sunny Bunnies, In The Night Garden, Super Why, Doodlebops, Rosie and Jim, Fun with Claude, The Fixies, Leo the Inquisitive Truck, Dr. Mac Wheeley, Max the Excavator, Musti English, Om Nom Stories, and MANY MORE! What do you want to see on WildBrain? Tell us in the comments section below! Hit SUBSCRIBE and make sure you know every time there is a new video to watch. You can also find us on Facebook: Search WildBrainkids! Subscribe to our other our popular channels today!