Learn Vehicles for Kids and More Happy Kids Songs Compilation - LooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes


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This educational video from LooLoo Kids teaches kids the names and sounds that different vehicles make. Let's travel together along the playful roads by car, we start a new adventure at sea on a boat, fly over the rainbow with a plane and travel through the forest by train. Which one is your favourite vehicle?

Discover a wonderful new world, full of joy and adventure, with Johny and his friends.

00:00:04 - Vehicles

00:02:35 - Toy Song

00:05:16 - ABC

00:06:36 - Zigaloo

00:08:58 - Old MacDonald had a Farm

00:10:16 - The Wheels On The Bus

00:12:27 - Baby shark

00:14:19 - Colors

00:18:26 - Bath song

00:20:45 - A Flower In My Garden

00:22:14 - Number Song old season

00:24:10 - My Little Bee

00:25:50 - Hello Song

00:28:38 - The Muffin Man

00:30:35 - Looby Loo

00:32:46 - Five Little Friends

00:34:47 - Who Took The cookies

00:36:52 - Miller You Sleeping

00:38:27 - Funny Face Song

00:40:53 - Three Little Kitten

00:43:16 - Five Little Ducks

00:45:05 - Sweet Dreams and Good Night

00:47:07 - This Little Piggy

00:48:53 - Phonics Song

00:51:10 - My Donkey

00:52:31 - Ice Cream

Jump in the seat

beep beep beep

We drive on the road

And sail on the sea

choo choo trains

phhhhh planes

These are all the noises that a vehicle makes.

Zoom zoom zoom

Beep beep beep

Nee Naw nee naw

Honk honk honk.

Choo choo trains

Phhhewww plane

These are all the noises that a vehicle makes! x2

This is a car. And goes

*vroom vroom vroom x2

This is a boat and goes

Swishhhhh Swishhhhh

One drives on the road to take me home

Off we gooo!

One goes in the water

Splash splash splash

Because it floats


Here is a train, that goes

Choo choo choo x2

Here is a plane that goes,

Phhhheeeow, phhhheeeow

One goes on the rail, oh so fast along the tracks!

One flies in the sky, so very high.

Oh phhhheeeow

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