Learn Conversational French for Beginners - Dating Part 1 - for Teens and Adults


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"How can I learn French fast?" We will help you succeed. Our approach makes it fun and easy to learn French. Start learning useful conversational sentences and dating phrases in French today.Review and repetition are a breeze when you follow the surprising twists and turns in our entertaining stories. Watch each episode as many times as needed and practice along. Try out your new phrases with friends. Get ready for success!New videos posted weekly, so please subscribe and enable notifications.Part 1 - "Will You Go Out With Me?"In this episode, two different couples meet. Follow the first couple as a man pursues a first date with a woman. Then, for more practice, speak along with the same scenario featuring a different couple. This time, the woman is pursuing the man. Learn important differences between genders in French that many beginners miss.What will happen next? Subscribe and enable notifications so you don't miss a single new episode.