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Enjoy Kids Piano with a 3D layout and have fun learning how to play some basic tunes and nursery rhymes. These songs will help them grow interest and skills in playing music.

Get the app here:

Use your fingers and follow the arrows to play your first songs while enjoying the cute animation in this #KidsPiano app.

Introduce your child to the sound of other musical instruments, such as xylophone, drums, guitar, bongo and maraca.

The 3D view and the colorful interface will attract their attention and keep them entertain for some time while growing their musical skills.

Not only musical instruments and sounds, your child will also be introduced to alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes. It’s never too early to learn to pronounce the colors, shapes, numbers and alphabets.

Besides the sounds of musical instruments, there are also animal sounds, so your child will get to learn what cats, dogs, cows, chickens, sheep, birds and horses sound like.