Its Halloween Night Scary Nursery Rhymes Kids Superheroes Scary Videos Halloween Rhyme For Kids


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Hey Kids, With Halloween just round the corner, the fearless Bottle Squad Superhero team go trick or treating in their neighbourhood singing one of your favourite ITS HALLOWEEN NIGHT. Join in the fun as they meet all kinds of fun monsters, vampires, zombies, witches & ghosts. Written by Hannah Allen Bottle Squad is a superhero babies team, with unique superhero powers. They love going on adventures, engage in fun activities, explore new things, make friends, sing, dance and trigger the imagination.The Babies are smart, brave, kind, strong, cool, adventurous, heroic, best buddies and aspirational. As a team, they are a force to reckon with. The Bottle Squad team is here to alleviate the fears of kids and solve life lessons through adventures, activities and stories, having fun and being a friend to little toddlers.Always ready for a mission, they drink their bottles of rainbow milk and are ready to ignite their super powers!Being with The Bottle Squad team is a fun filled roller coaster adventure filled with humor, wonder and magic that you dont ever want to end.LEARN HOW YOUR IDEA CAN BE MADE INTO AN ANIMATED SERIES: OUR OFFICIAL WEBSITE : and Lyrics: Copyright 1067 Studios, LLC d/b/a JazwingsVideo: Copyright 1067 Studios, LLC d/b/a Jazwings============================================KIDS FIRST - Kids Videos & Nursery Rhymes | Free App Download: The Train App - Download Now Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @JazwingsJazwings Pinterest: my genius is an online channel which concentrates on high quality animated nursery rhymes, alphabets, train series, numbers, flashcards, how to draw and much more.Our channel is dedicated to animated nursery rhymes which are designed to entertain and educate children.Come dance, clap and sing along!