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You're watching "If Sharks are Happy + More", an educational and interactive series prepared to you by Pinkfong!

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00:00:00 If Sharks Are Happy

00:01:09 Where Did My Color Go?

00:04:14 Jazzy Baby Shark

00:07:21 Open Up, Giant Clam!

00:10:23 Drop the BEAT, Baby Shark!

00:13:35 Friends on the Ocean Floor

00:16:23 Shark's Color Bus

00:18:57 Colors are Beautiful

00:22:11 Scary Face Contest

00:25:02 Spooky Sea Monster

00:27:55 Swimming Lessons

00:30:42 Baby Shark's Jungle Adventure

00:33:47 Detective Baby Shark

00:36:42 Krahs Ybab

00:37:59 Baby Shark Faster 1.5x

00:39:01 Baby Shark Korean Traditional Music

00:40:46 3D Baby Shark

00:42:13 8-Bit Baby Shark

00:43:41 Baby Shark More and More

00:45:06 Baby Shark Robot

00:46:53 Baby Shark's Retro Party

00:48:21 Rock Star Baby Shark

00:50:23 Acapella Sharks

00:51:51 Baby Shark

00:53:12 Disco Sharks

00:55:06 Orchestra Sharks

00:57:02 Be Happy with Baby Shark

00:58:16 This Is the Shark's Way

00:59:09 Sharky Shuffle

01:00:14 Trio of the Ocean

01:01:13 Hello, Baby Shark!

01:02:25 Wedding in the Sea

01:03:47 Baby Shark Jobs

01:04:48 Six Little Fish

01:06:02 Baby Shark Teeth

01:07:17 Shapes in the Sea

01:08:19 Shark Orchestra Concert

01:09:58 Victory Baby Shark

01:11:07 Baby Shark on the Bus

01:12:14 The Shark Family

01:13:14 Where Is Daddy Shark

01:14:01 Hot Clam Buns

01:14:54 Police Sharks

01:16:06 Move Like the Baby Shark

01:17:09 S-H-A-R-K

01:18:01 Shark 123

01:19:03 Twinkle Twinkle Little Shark

01:20:08 Shark ABC

01:20:48 Five Little Fish Jumping on the Kelp

01:22:29 Baby Shark Duet

01:23:29 Baby Shark Riddle

01:24:37 Ocean Building

01:25:44 Baby Shark Is Lost in the Forest

01:26:53 The Baby Mermaid Shark

01:28:20 Baby Shark Hiccup

01:29:29 Ocean ABC


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