How to Paint With Vegetables


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Before you throw away old vegetables, stop and check your calendars! Are there any important events coming up? Valentine's day, mothers day, maybe a family member's birthday? Vegetables don’t just have to be for eating. Here are some cute ideas to turn those vegetables into some heartfelt cards or gifts. Using celery, tomatoes and onions, you can make a whole garden of vegetable printed flowers!

⭕ Celery Roses

As Alice in Wonderland sings “we’re painting the roses red”! Well, for us, we are painting celery red. But they do turn into beautiful rose prints in the end. Cutting the stalk of celery reveals a pattern that looks similar to the lovely flower. Add some paint and some stems and you’ll transform your paper into a wonderful rose garden.

⭕ Tomato Flowers

Did you know tomatoes can make art? Cut them in half and add some paint, when printed to the paper they make a lovely floral pattern. Add some green leaves and stems and then you have a handmade card to give to someone special.

⭕ Onion Bouquet

A real bouquet of onion flowers would probably make you cry! But printing with an onion to make flowers sounds like a better idea. Simply, cut your onion in half, add some paint and print. Add a few extra details and there you have it! A fun painting activity that is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

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