Feynman's Lost Lecture (ft. 3Blue1Brown)


Feynman's Lost Lecture (ft. 3Blue1Brown) with tags physics, minutephysics, science, 3blue1brown

Check out Grants channel: 3blue1brown: https://www.youtube.com/3blue1brownThis video recounts a lecture by Richard Feynman giving an elementary demonstration of why planets orbit in ellipses. See the excellent book by Judith and David Goodstein, "Feynman's lost lecture, for the full story behind this lecture, and a deeper dive into its content.Tweet referenced at the start: https://twitter.com/3blue1brown/status/1016936129117937664Music by Nathaniel Schroeder: https://soundcloud.com/drschroeder/elizabeth-the-mouseMusic by Vincent Rubinetti: https://soundcloud.com/vincerubinetti/one-two-zetaSupport MinutePhysics on Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/minutephysicsLink to Patreon Supporters: http://www.minutephysics.com/supporters/MinutePhysics is on twitter - @minutephysicsAnd facebook - http://facebook.com/minutephysicsAnd Google+ (does anyone use this any more?) - http://bit.ly/qzEwc6Minute Physics provides an energetic and entertaining view of old and new problems in physics -- all in a minute!Created by Henry Reich