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Dancey Dance - Yo Gabba Gabba

Who here loves a dancey dance? Well lucky for you that ALL dancey dance episodes are here! So get up and dance!


00:00 - The Puppetmaster with Elijah Wood

02:11 - Jumping Jellyfish" with Hector Jimenez

04:10 - Peanut Butter Stomp with Mýa

06:14 - Dancey Dance Skateboarding with Tony Hawk

08:16 - The Twirly Wirly with Nikki Flores

10:16 - The Snowy Jingle with The Snow Princess - voiced by Ann Reinking

12:31 - Electric Eel with Sugarland

14:45 - Mini Spinny with Sean Kingston

16:21 - The Dog with Laila Ali

18:15 - Birthday Party Dancey Dance with Melora Hardin

20:48 - The Amar'e Dribble with Amar'e Stoudemire

22:30 - The Disco Roll with Jack Black

24:38 - The Aligator Chomp with Andy Samberg

26:43 - The Groovy Cat with Rachel Dratch

28:41 - Flying Dancey Dance with The Geeks

30:20 - When I Feel Down with Erykah Badu

32:34 - Rolly Polly with Rob Dyrdek

34:11 - The Rainbow Drop with Bill Hader

35:53 - The Caveman Kaboom with Patton Oswalt

37:50 - The Super Sizzlin' Ho Down Party Dance with Farmer Josh


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