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Little Bunny Hop dances through the day and he's got some really great moves too! His audience loves him, we know you will too! Watch this fun nursery rhyme for kids by HooplaKidz and join him groove to the drums and guitar, playing it all like a super star! Hit play now!

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00:00 Bunny Hop

01:42 Easter Egg Painting

03:49 Sleeping Bunnies

06:37 Ten In The Bed

08:47 Learn Numbers With Ten Little Bunnies

10:26 Six Little Ducks

12:12 Doctor Song

13:36 Old Macdonald Had A Farm

15:45 What Color Is The Lemon

17:37 Robot Finger Family

19:40 Five Senses Song

22:23 Morning Routine Song

23:44 Be Kind

25:14 Balloon Finger Family

26:30 Teacher Song

29:06 There Were Two Mice

30:58 Johny Johny Yes Papa

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