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Today I made a Candy Corn Themed Pizza from scratch with my Dad! Let me know down below what other types of videos you'd like to see.ORDER MY BAKING LINE:*Order the Nerdy Nummies Cookbook here: *FULL RECIPE: ME:Website: http://www.rosannapansino.comInstagram: http://www.rosannapansino.tumblr.comSnapchat: rosannapansinoTHE THINGS YOU WILL NEED:Candy Corn Pizza:* (2 ) cups bread flour:* (1) package active dry yeast:* (1) teaspoon salt:* (1 ) teaspoons sugar:* (2) tablespoons olive oil:* (1) cup warm water* Mild cheddar cheese* Mozzarella cheese* Sharp cheddar cheeseWhite Pizza Sauce:* (1) cup whole milk* (1/4) cup shredded Parmesan* (2) tablespoons flour:* (2) tablespoons unsalted butter* (1/4) teaspoon onion powder:* (1/2) teaspoon garlic powder:* Salt:* Pepper: is not a sponsored video. All products purchased by me.