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Enjoy this collection of the best new songs of 2021 from Super Simple Songs! This compilation includes the hits "As Quiet As A Mouse", "Toodly Doodly Doo", "This Is A Happy Face", "10 Apples On My Head", and more!


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0:00 - Intro

0:04 - As Quiet As A Mouse

2:24 - Toodly Doodly Doo

5:52 - This Is A Happy Face

11:25 - The Months Chant

13:39 - 10 Apples On My Head

18:57 - How's The Weather?

20:30 - Put On Your Boots

23:31 - The Rainbow Song

26:02 - When I Grow Up

29:09 - Five Little Chicks

32:37 - The Alphabet Swing

34:16 - The Roly Poly Roll

36:57 - Hush Little Baby

39:15 - There's A Monster In My Tummy

41:43 - Counting Bananas

43:08 - Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

45:54 - Here You Are, Thank You

48:35 - If I Were A Ghost

51:00 - Six Little Ghosts

53:08 - Let's Decorate The House For Halloween

55:21 - Milk & Cookies

58:19 - Let's Decorate Our Christmas Tree

1:01:22 - See You Later


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