[BEST] Halloween Songs for Kids | Chumbala, Halloween Zombie Sharks & Cars | Compilation | Pinkfong


[BEST] Halloween Songs for Kids | Chumbala, Halloween Zombie Sharks & Cars | Compilation | Pinkfong

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2022 Halloween Season is coming back!

Enjoy the Best Halloween Songs from Pinkfong!

You're watching "Chumbala Cachumbala and more!", an educational and interactive series prepared to you by Pinkfong!

⭐️Time Stamp⭐️

00:00:00 Chumbala Cachumbala Dance

00:02:50 Halloween Zombie Sharks

00:04:37 Halloween Cars

00:05:54 Five Little Pumpkins (3D)

00:07:11 Halloween Sharks

00:08:46 The Spooky Bus (3D)

00:09:56 Halloween Haunted Amusement Park

00:13:09 Go Away, Monster!

00:16:12 Witch Sharks' Halloween Treats

00:19:15 Chumbala Cachumbala Skeleton Pirates

00:22:02 Baby Shark's Halloween Freeze Dance

00:25:12 Peekaboo! Baby shark Babysits on Halloween

00:30:41 Halloween Costume Party (3D)

00:32:29 Three Scarecrows (3D)

00:33:47 Halloween Bus

00:43:13 Day of the Dead with Baby Shark

00:44:48 Baby Shark Halloween Bus

00:46:16 Knock Knock Trick-or-treat

00:47:08 Clay Halloween Sharks

00:48:43 Who Took the Candies

00:50:24 Halloween Hide and Seek with Shark Family

01:00:06 Halloween Mermaid Wedding

01:01:37 Halloween Monster Transformations

01:07:28 Baby Shark’s Magic Halloween Potion

01:17:26 Chumbala Cachumbala Dance

01:20:05 Halloween Sharks

01:21:39 Spot the difference - Halloween Cars

01:22:56 Spot the difference - Jurassic Halloween

01:24:20 Halloween Dance Party

01:25:27 Skeleton Band

01:26:46 Halloween Sharks

01:28:18 Baby Shark Trick-or-Treat

01:29:36 Pirate Baby Shark

01:31:03 Monster Shuffle

01:32:06 Creepy Zombies

01:33:31 Vampire Wedding

01:34:52 Guess Who

01:36:27 Three Scarecrows

01:37:46 Halloween Costume Party

01:39:35 Five Little Pumpkins


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