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Baby Shark is the most popular kids songs in the world. Our songs is all about the kids! About their happiness, about their joy of learning new things, and about having fun! Here at LooLooKids we encourage kids to learn and discover new interests and learn more about the world through our videos and songs. Our content promotes critical thinking, thought provoking situations, encourages discovery and exploration of the world through creativity play and a sense of imagination that works great with or for kids and toddlers.

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🎵 Lyrics - Baby SHARK👇

Baby shark, do do do do do do (X3)

Baby shark!

Mama shark, do do do do do do (X3)

Mama shark!

Papa shark do do do do do do (X3)

Papa shark!

Grandma shark, do do do do do do (X3)

Grandma shark!

Granpa shark, do do do do do do (X3)

Granpa shark!

Let's swim faster do do do do do do (X3)

Swim faster!

Home at last, do do do do do do (X3)

Home at last!

Baby shark, do do do do do do,

Mama shark, do do do do do do,

Papa shark, do do do do do do,

Grandma shark, do do do do do do,

Granpa shark!

Happy sharks, do do do do do do (X3)

Happy sharks!

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