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Dragon is pulled under the hypnotic spell of an ASMR mermaid livestreamer. When Boy goes to help his friend Dragon, he discovers the mermaid's secret.

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00:00 Mermaid Magic Song

02:22 Spooky Island

04:37 Vegetable Monster Food Magic

06:51 Flu

08:40 Future Boy

10:54 Music

13:02 Magic Doors

15:51 Wacky Rainbow

17:46 A DIY Disaster

19:53 Multicolour

21:11 Love Quest

23:18 Twins!

24:21 Dragon Pranks

25:55 Spider

27:24 Snow Day

30:27 Treasure

33:35 Supermarket

36:27 Ballon Dragon

38:24 Pranking Wizard

40:54 How They Met

43:42 Dragon Goes To The Dentist

45:06 Clones!

About Boy & Dragon:

In a boundless notebook world lives a brave young knight and his oafish pet Dragon. Together, Boy and Dragon go on bizarre adventures and wreak magical mayhem, all the while avoiding the wrath of the Evil Wizard. With Boy’s brilliant brains and Dragon’s bumbling brawn, the pair fly through turning pages to triumph in a tale of true camaraderie. Told through classic hand-drawn characters animation, Boy & Dragon provides laughs for all ages in a playful world that transcends the limits of traditional storytelling. Boy & Dragon is a brand new cartoon using the frame-by-frame traditional hand drawn technique of animation.