A FAKE Santa? Dr Chaos Steals Santa's Magic!


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Subscribe to the Superzuzaa channel to catch new adventures each week: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1WcU75t82XRZEubXe5uzog?sub_confirmation=1Join the amazing adventures of Superzuzaa, where ordinary kids have extraordinary powers. In this action-packed adventure series, super heroes Sketch, Shift, Mech and Maestro work together to protect Zuzaaville from the evil villain, Doctor Chaos. From epic explosions to teleportation devices and dinosaurs on the loose, the Superzuzaa kids are faced with many obstacles on their quest to save the Secret Hideout. In a classic tale of good vs evil, the team join forces and use their special powers to paint their way out of sticky situations, teleport between realms, invent intelligent devices and create magical potions. These kids are unstoppablealmost. Watch out, Doctor Chaos!